Volume Discounts

Maredy is proud to offer the best volume discount in the business!

Any combination of 3 or 4 cases - 3% discount

Any combination of 5 to 9 cases - 5% discount

Any combination of 10 or more cases - 10% discount

If you are planning multiple fundraisers, you can purchase all of your products at once and substantially increase your profits.

Note: You can order any combination of products (example - 4 cases of chocolate bars, 3 cases of lollipops and 3 cases of standard candy grams). If the order totals 10 cases or more, you will receive an automatic 10% discount.


  • If you purchased cases using a volume discount and cases are returned, the discount will be removed and no discount will apply to remaining cases. If you need extra time beyond the normal 30 days to pay for your order, please call 1-888-432-3948 and we'll be happy to give you an extension—interest free.

  • In order to receive the volume discount, all items must be billed on the same invoice.

  • The volume discount does not apply to closeout items.