Why Maredy is #1

Fundraisers with Maredy have raised over $100 Million Dollars

Volume Discount
For all fundraising orders totaling any combination of 3 or 4 cases we give a 3% discount; 5-9 cases we give a 5% discount. For 10 or more cases we give a 10% discount on the entire order. Your profit can be as high as 69% with this additional discount making candy fundraisers one of the most profitable types of fundraisers. If you purchased cases using a volume discount and cases are returned, the discount will be removed and no discount will apply to remaining cases.

Easy Fundraiser Idea
Direct sales is the easiest form of product fundraising. We conveniently package the candy for easy distribution to each seller.

No Risks
Unopened cases (except chocolate) may be returned for full credit. While we do pay for shipping to your business, we do not offer free shipping on returns. Call us at 888-432-3948 (Monday-Friday, 9:00AM - 4:00PM Central Time*) for return instructions. You will be credited for each unopened case once it is received back in our warehouse. If you purchased cases using a volume discount and cases are returned, the discount will be removed and no discount will apply to remaining cases.

Iron-Clad Guarantee 
All of our products are 100% guaranteed. Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated and your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your fundraising purchase, the item will be replaced or your purchase price will be refunded, whichever you prefer.

Widest Variety of Candy
Everyone loves candy for every season and all year too. We have many candies for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Spring as well as candies that can be sold year-round. Product variety also gives your customers and sellers new and exciting choices everyday for a perfect fundraiser!

Buy Fundraising Candy Online
With our ezoncampusfundraisers.com web store you can select and buy products securely by credit card or instant credit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can buy with confidence knowing your fundraising purchase is backed by one of the fundraising industry's premier companies.

No Money Upfront
Schools and school groups get instant credit with Maredy. Just select "Bill Me" under Method of Payment on the checkout form or call us at 1-888-432-3948 Monday-Friday, 9:00AM - 4:00PM Central Time* to get started.

Product Quality
You will find only the highest quality candy offered for direct sale. Many of them are one-of-a-kind items that you will find nowhere else. By offering your customers top-quality products year after year, you build loyalty and profits for your school.

Product Guarantee
All candy comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your fundraising order should arrive in unsatisfactory condition, contact us and you will be given full credit for any damaged or missing items.

No Hidden Costs
Maredy pays all regular ground shipping charges for delivery to you.
There is a $5.00 per case surcharge for delivery to a residence.

Product Prices
Along with high quality, you will find high value. Rest assured that you are offering customers a good value for the money they are spending in support of your fundraiser. Maredy has the widest selection of products across every price range.

Educational Value to Students
By participating in a fundraiser, students gain money management skills, project management skills, increased community spirit, increased self-esteem, better communication skills, and better business skills.

With over twenty years of fundraising experience, you can be confident that we can help you make your fundraiser a fun, safe, successful event. There is no company in America that works with as many organizations per year as Maredy.

Profit Control
You set the price at which to sell your candy, so you control the size of profit for your fundraiser.

Free Shipping
Free shipping to your SCHOOL or BUSINESS (anywhere in the continental 48 states). Tell us where you want it shipped and your candy will arrive in seven to ten days FedEx Ground. If you want home delivery, the shipping charge is $5.00 per case.

Fast Turnaround
Fast delivery, so your sale can begin right away. Orders are processed in one to two business days. Normal delivery time is approximately seven to ten days from the time we receive your order.


Dear Maredy Candy Employees,

Thank you so much for your SUPERIOR customer service and product! For the third consecutive year, my fourth through sixth grade students at Pine Grove Elementary in Parker, Colorado, participated in a fundraiser candy sale for the week of Valentine's Day. To our delight, we raised $1000 for our school using your extremely popular Super Lolli-Dippers!

With your GREAT company and our enthusiastic sales, we look forward to doing business with you again next year. Thanks a million, well, at least a thousand (dollars!)!

— Lisa Moffat
Pine Grove Elementary

Once again you guys were fabulous! What a great company! I wish you continued success!

— Sean Edwards
French Club

Delicious! We love them! We love the sour ones the best!

— Teresa Tasco
Student Council

Thank you so much! You have an awesome company. It's always a pleasure to work with you.

— Joe Astle
Student Council