240 Chocolate Bars Per Case 4 Carriers Per Case – 60 Bars Per Carrier Each Carrier includes:

16 Creamy Caramel
16 Milk Chocolate with Almonds
12 Crispy Rice
8 Milk Chocolate
8 Dark Chocolate with Almonds

*Dry Ice/Refrigerated Shipping Expenses

When temperatures are above 76 degrees and we need to protect the chocolate from melting, there will be additional costs.

1-9 cases: $10 Per case
10-19 cases: $5 Per case
20-59 cases: $50 Per case
60+ cases: FREE SHIPPING

$1 America's Variety

Item # 62758

Price per Case: $144.00



Our tried and true chocolate bars, the ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR BARS, have been our biggest selling item for 20 years! These premium quality chocolate bars come in 5 amazing flavors including a Dark Chocolate with Almonds bar. Looking for high quality chocolate that is peanut-free and gluten-free? Try the Original ONE DOLLAR BARS!