*Minimum Order: 1 case (8 boxes of 80 lollipops)
*Suggested Retail: 50-cents per lollipop
*Your Cost: 25-cents per lollipop
*No Returns: Due to freshness of product

Sour Mania Lollipops are free from nuts and tree nuts, but are manufactured on equipment that also processes items with milk.

Sour Mania Lollipops

Item # Product 53

Price per Case: $160.00

Quantity: 640 per case


1.00 oz Sour Mania Lollipops are available in twelve (12) "OH" so..... Sour Flavors:
Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Lemonade, Lime, Mandarin, Orange Raspberry, Strawberry and Watermelon.

*No Returns: Due to freshness of product